JFK International Airport

CMCE has collaborated with TONAB Architecture on multiple projects to provide structural drawings and special inspection services for the well-known John F. Kennedy International Airport located in Jamaica Queens, NY. The descriptions listed below are the projects that CMCE has proudly contributed to:

  • JFK International Airport, Building 151. – CMCE performed controlled inspections for fire rated construction work to ensure compliance with architectural drawings. CMCE inspected Fire resistant penetrations and joints, Fire-resistant rated construction, Fire protection Systems-automatic sprinklers systems, and mechanical system-fire dampers.
  • JFK International Airport, Building 111. – CMCE provide the structural analysis and design for the renovation of JFK Building 111. As part of CMCE’s scope of work as consultant engineers, CMCE provided the structural analysis and design for structural slab openings inside the existing building, as well as proposed concrete ramps and pads for mechanical units at the building’s exterior. This is an ongoing project.
  • JFK Holy Cow restaurant- Building 125. – CMCE provided the design for the rooftop dunnage system for the new restaurant “Holy Cow”, located in Building 125 Travel Plaza of JFK International Airport. CMCE’s design included new framing, as well as framing reinforcement to the existing roof, as needed for the installation of the proposed mechanical dunnage. As part of CMCE’s services, CMCE reviewed existing roof conditions, as well as mechanical plans for design intent.
  • JFK Tuscany Restaurant- Terminal 1. – CMCE performed structural assessment and design for mechanical dunnage installation. CMCE assessed existing roof conditions to determine how the proposed roof additions would affect the overall structure. CMCE also performed controlled inspections for this project.

CMCE has also collaborated with WSP USA to oversee the on-going pile testing program at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal 4. CMCE is MBE certified by NYS and PANYNJ and WSP registered. CMCE was contacted to participate in the inspection of 24 test pits, that were excavated to ensure that no utilities were present in the location of future test piles.

Along with the projects above at JFK International Airport, CMCE was also contracted by TONAB Architecture to provide our structural engineering services for LaGuardia Airport in Queens. CMCE services included providing the structural drawings and specifications for anchorage of a modular trailer complex located in Terminal C of LaGuardia Airport.