Structural Engineering Reports

CMCE has experience preparing structural engineering reports for a wide range of topics.  Our services include, but are not limited to; structural analysis of building loads and physical components, assessment of buildings’ structural integrity, and buildings’ existing and/or as-built condition assessment. Feel free to contact us with any questions and/or additional services inquiries.

Pre-Construction Survey

A Pre-construction survey provides evidence of a building’s condition prior to the start of any construction activity. CMCE’s services include photographic documentation of existing building conditions gathered by our team of specialists.  Subsequent to our inspection, we provide a written report of our observations that include both pictures and detailed comments.  Each report is provided in both print and digital formats for your convenience.

Vibration Monitoring Services

CMCE provides on-site vibration monitoring services. Vibration monitoring is typically conducted whenever there is any construction equipment that can raise ground vibration to an unacceptable level during construction activities. Our seismographs measure peak particle velocity of soil and ensure that vibrations caused by construction equipment are within allowable range. Our services include an on-site technician and installation of seismographs.

Crack Monitoring Services

CMCE crack monitoring services are intended to keep records and measurements of potential movements of existing cracks on different types of structure surfaces; such as concrete, brick, or masonry. Our services include on site technician and installation of tell-tale crack monitoring gauges and follow-up visits to continue monitoring as required. CMCE provides report as visits take place.